Planting maximum trees for preserving maximum deteriorating environment on Nowruz: Karar Hashmi

Sachnews Jammu Kashmir

Srinagar, March 19:

The Socio-Political Activist Syed Karar Hashmi greets people on the auspicious occasion of Nowruz added that this festival is considered as the day that marks the first day of the spring and renewal of nature.

In his message of felicitations, Syed Karar Hashmi observed that this festival has important socio-economic,cultural and religious significance and appealed that this auspicious day would be the harbinger of peace, progress and prosperity in the Valley.

Hashmi said that the best way to make our Almighty Allah happy on this day is to save a little amount of money and remain far away from extravagance and use this amount in the education of our children and alleviate poverty.

This tradition began some 3000 years ago, and is observed by the Parsi community around the world. Government and other thousands of organisations working should organise massive plantation drives across Jammu and Kashmir for preserving maximum deteriorating environment on Nowruz, Syed Karar added.