Monday, 28 March 2016
Arrests Crimes New Dehli

Monday, March 28, 2016

New Delhi: The police have arrested a 39-year old man who allegedly murdered his lover, whose body was found at a rented house in central Delhi's Paharganj area.

The accused, identified as Shahdat Ali, was in a relationship with the victim, who turned out to be the wife of his former room-mate, police said today.

"The accused was a big fan of CID serial and on the basis of the information gathered by watching the serial, he hatched the plan to eliminate the deceased," DCP (Central) Parmaditya said.

According to police, the incident came to light on March 25, when residents of a Paharganj locality complained of stench emanating from a locked house and the police later found a decomposed body -- with its limbs tied and throat slit -- inside the premises.

However, none of the neighbours or even the owner of the house could identify the woman.

With further questioning, the police zeroed in on a man who had introduced himself as Vishal to the landlord and taken the keys, saying that he would shift to the house soon. It later emerged that the man left for his native village in Jharkhand on March 26.

A team was sent there and the accused, whose actual name turned out to be Shahdat Ali, was arrested yesterday, police said.

During interrogation, it came to light that in 2012, the deceased's husband, who was former room-mate of Ali in Gurgaon, took a room near Ali's residence and Ali soon developed an intimate relationship with his wife.

Lately, he started suspecting that the woman was in relationship with some other men too, which infuriated him and often led to heated arguments, police said.

Ali, who was a regular viewer of the popular TV serial CID, allegedly hatched a plan to kill his lover. He rented a room in Paharganj and on the pretext of shifting there after Holi, he locked the room after taking its possession.

On March 22, he invited the woman to his new room where he tied her hands. Thereafter, he allegedly slit her throat with a knife,locked the room from outside and fled, police said.

During the investigation, it also came to light that a missing report for the woman was filed by her husband on March 23.

Ali, who worked as a paint technician in a reputed automobile company, turned out to be the main suspect. He was soon tracked down and a team was sent to nab him. (PTI)

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