Five Shops Sealed in Sopore Today

Sachnews Jammu Kashmir

Irfan Nazir

Sopore, June 24 :

Five Shops were Sealed in Various Areas of Sopore for violating SOPs orders amid the prevailing Covid-19 Pandemic on Wednesday.

Municipal Council Squad Under the supervision of Imtiyaz Ahmad pandit food inspector and Rahi Mohiudin tax collector raided various markets of Sopore after they noticed that some shops violated the SOP, during that they have sealed five such shops violating the SOP guidelines, Officials Said.

They told Sachnews Jammu Kashmir that many Shopkeepers in this North Kashmir town are not following the SOP and traders have already given assurance to administration that they will follow the standard operating procedure (SOP) and Guidelines during the unlock period of prevailing covid-19 pandemic. Besides those will not follow the SOP will seal their shops.

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