Sofi yousuf demands regularlization and Enhancement in wages of NYCs.

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Farooq Shahmeeri

Anantnag , June 23:

Jammu and Kashmir Bharatiya Janata Party Party (BJP) Vice president Sh Sofi Yousuf today expressed serious concern over the plight of National Youth Corps (NYC) youth who are working as frontline workers in battle against COVID pandemic but getting peanuts in terms of wages.

In a statement issued here, Sofi said nearly 6000 NYC qualified youth who were engaged by the government through district recruitment boards are working in various departments with a hope to get absorbed in the government sector permanently.

“But unfortunately these hard working youth most of whom are post graduates and some with professional degrees have been exploited by the successive governments in Jammu and Kashmir,” Sofi said, and added that these youth have been on the frontline whenever J&K faced natural calamities and disasters.

“Be it the devastating floods of 2014 or the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic, the NYC youth have been giving their best with utmost dedication and sincerity of purpose. However, the no government including the present dispensation in J&K ever thought of their hardships which can’t be mitigated by a meagre remuneration of Rs 2500 per month,” Sofi observed.

Sofi yousuf remarked that the successive governments have failed in applying the principle of ‘equal pay or equal work’ in case of these hapless youth. “Most of these youth are highly qualified and were recruited through a transparent process. But now many years have passed, most of them have crossed the age bar and are facing social stigma for none of their faults. The government must look into this important issue on humanitarian grounds,” Sofi urged the L.G led administration .

He said that the government should come up with a comprehensive policy to get these youth along with other daily rated workers, casual labourers and need based workers regularized so as to enable them to earn a dignified livelihood and feed their families accordingly.

“The government must pay heed to the social stigma attached with the temporary nature of their jobs which have caused immense distress to their families. In the majority of such cases, the NYC youth are not able to find a suitable match and similarly, some of these youth are highly depressed due to matrimonial discords because of uncertain nature of their duties,” Sofi remarked.

Sofi yousuf demanded that till these NYC youth are regularized in different departments, the government should revise and enhance their wages as per the labour law. “The Lieutenant Governor G.C Murmu should intervene and should call a meeting on this matter and issue necessary directions in this regard. This action can bring happiness to the economically downtrodden families of NYC youth,” sofi demanded further.

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