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What is wrong with Indian news channels?
22 July 2023

The Sensationalism Trap

I have noticed over the years that Indian news channels seem to be caught in a trap of sensationalism. Every news story, regardless of its significance, is presented with exaggerated drama and excitement. This not only distracts from the actual content of the news, but also desensitizes viewers to genuinely significant events. The over-the-top reporting style can also lead to misinformation and confusion among audiences.

Lack of Investigative Journalism

Another issue with Indian news channels is the lack of in-depth investigative journalism. Most of the news stories are surface-level reports that do not delve into the complexities of the issues at hand. This is detrimental to the public's understanding of important matters. It is essential for news channels to invest in investigative journalism to provide their viewers with comprehensive and accurate information.

Biased Reporting

Many Indian news channels have been accused of biased reporting. It is not uncommon for news channels to favor certain political parties or ideologies. This undermines the objectivity of the news and may lead to misinformation. It is crucial for news channels to remain impartial and provide a balanced perspective on the issues they cover.

Focus on TRPs over Content

The race for Television Rating Points (TRPs) seems to have overtaken the importance of delivering quality news content. Channels often resort to sensationalism, celebrity gossip, and infotainment to attract viewers and boost their ratings. This undermines the fundamental role of news channels as providers of credible and important information.

Commercial Interests

The influence of commercial interests on news content is another major problem. News channels are often owned by large corporations that may have their own agenda to push. This can lead to biased reporting and a lack of focus on important issues that do not align with the interests of the owners.

Irresponsible Reporting

There have been numerous instances of irresponsible reporting by Indian news channels. This includes spreading unverified information, indulging in fear-mongering, and violating ethical guidelines. Such practices not only harm the reputation of the channels but also lead to public panic and confusion.

Tabloid Journalism

Tabloid journalism, characterized by sensationalism and lack of depth, has become commonplace in Indian news channels. Instead of focusing on important national and international issues, channels often devote substantial time to celebrity gossip and scandalous stories. This shift in focus away from serious journalism is a disservice to viewers who rely on news channels for accurate information.

Media Trials

Media trials, where news channels pass judgment on individuals or issues before the court has given its verdict, is another problematic trend. This not only undermines the judicial process but also influences public opinion unfairly. It is important for news channels to remember their role as reporters, not judges.

The Need for Accountability

Last but not least, there is a dire need for greater accountability in Indian news channels. Regulatory bodies must enforce stricter guidelines and penalties for unethical and irresponsible journalism. The audience also needs to demand better quality news and hold channels accountable for their content.

Aarav Khanna

Aarav Khanna

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