Project SUKOON in Pulwama rolls out an Online Questionnaire for Self Assessment of Mental Health.

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Pulwama, May 05:

District Mental Health Centre (DMHC) Pulwama , District Hospital Pulwama has devised a questionnaire to help people to self-assess their level of anxiety and psychosocial distress in current pandemic COVID-19.

The questionnaire is formulated in English, Urdu and Kashmiri and is based on easily understood questions for wider public reach. People accessing this questionnaire are assessed anonymously and will get their scores as green, orange and red.

People are requested to have their Self Assessment through the link :

Persons getting green scores are managing well and usually don’t require any active mental health intervention. Those with orange scores have an option of contacting DMHC team on ‘SUKOON Helpline’ and someone with red scores are advised to seek consultation with mental health team.

The Self Assessment questionnaire is an outcome of a coordinated effort of District Adminstation pulwama and District Mental Health Center , District Hospital pulwama.

The Self Assessment questionnaire is a part of ongoing SUKOON initiative started by the District Adminstation to treat and counsel patients with pre existing mental health problems such as anxiety , depression , bipolar disorders,OCD , paranoia etc .

The initiative has witnessed a huge flow of calls for Tele – Psychiatry consultations which was started in the district in view of the rise in Mental Health issues .

District Magistrate , Dr . Raghav Langer has been pivotal in making this initiative a reality and was devised under his guidance in view of numerous national and international reports depicting adverse effects of COVID-19 pandemic on mental health of general population.

While rolling out the online self assessment questionnaire , District Magistrate ,Dr.Raghav Langer said said that the health response of District Pulwama amid this pandemic has been exceptional and pioneering in many respect and mental health response has been one of the top priority of current administration.

Dr .Majid , Consultant Psychiatrist at DMHC said that people should benefit from the questionnaire for having the self assessment of their mental well being besides people falling in orange and red categories should seek help SUKOON Helpline.

MS , District Hospital ,Dr Jameel said that the initiative has treated around four thousand people and has been effective in settling the mental health issues of people including those with pre existing mental illnesses.

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