Jamil Khan’s ‘Reportlook’ providing an unmatched media venture to news enthusiasts

By Saraf Ali
Sachnews Jammu Kashmir
Long gone is the time when people used to get most of their news from a local TV channel, their local newspaper or the national newscast networks.

Nowadays, be it the pandemic, protests, economic recession and angst among the world’s population a recently issued report shows that consumers continue to shift away from traditional media sources for their news and are moving more towards only those local and national news portals that bring them the ground report of what Reportlook is an example of a free to access portal with a significant interest in journalism and news.

Speaking about journalism, “Journalists are a unique breed of people. Perhaps the most common trait is a pre-occupation with the printed word, as well as a tendency to exploit it for personal enrichment as well as professional gain. Journalists regard their work as a calling, and they are often driven by a sense of obligation to keep the public informed about major events on a regional, national, and global level”, said Jamil in an interview.

Jamil Khan belongs to the small town of Ladnun, Rajasthan, studied civil engineering but his interest in computer science made him learn software development and that is how Reportlook, a Hindi news website that runs stories which are often ignored by Indian mainstream media, came into being.

As newspapers have dramatically fallen in usage and the newscasts systems are trying to maintain their ratings, the swing to new sources of information like Reportlook has accelerated considerably. Also, social media is playing an important role in driving news to consumers. Reportlook as a news source, is now experiencing ongoing growth with news consumers, unlike platforms such as all online sources combined, TV, and print.

Jamil sets an inspiration for those hundreds and thousands of people who want to have their hands on digital journalism. Those thousands of people who have fallen in love with this kind of art and want to spread the sacredness of love towards Journalism. Those thousands of people who have achieved in their lives and want to inspire more people by those achievements.

Maybe the readers here still believe in the controversies exaggerated in the media about the journalist community but I feel regret over the pity things that are being over exaggerated in the media and the people like Jamil Khan that could inspire a good part of population remains unknown and unleashed.